Stone Symbol Jewelry Designer on Inspiration,Design & Legacy

Living life in the fast lane as one of the entertainment industry’s top Automotive Advertising stunt drivers, Doriana Richman has embarked on a new creative journey as a jewelry designer. Stone Symbol Jewelry was inspired by her visit to the excavated city of Ephesus, an ancient Greek city on the coast of Ionia. It was in this ancient city that Doriana came across an ancient secret symbol, which had emerged as a code to those seeking refuge from religious persecution. The symbol, that informed the knowing observer of a safe harbor and the existence of like minded believers, was carved into the walls and walkways of the city’s streets. It is recognized as the first symbol of Christianity, Unity, and a Spiritual Birth of Humanity. After thousands of years of wear, the symbol is still visible to this day. It was this symbol of acceptance and protection that led Doriana to share this message of unity with the world.

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Doriana designs each unique piece of her fine jewelry with a highly-polished, antiqued degradation surrounded by history and intrigue. Stone Symbol’s meaningful gold, rose-gold and sterling silver pieces allow a person’s skin tone to radiate through each piece, reflecting everyone’s personal uniqueness.  Her collection, for both men and women, transcends time. Stone Symbol Jewelry is a piece of history you can wear today. It is simply eternal elegance.

Throughout her 15-year career as a professional stunt driver she has worked in films, music videos, television and print. A true business woman, Doriana and her husband, Roger Richman, own L.A. Motorsports. Their company has done stunt work for films like Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, 007’s Spectre, Mad Max: Fury Road, Furious 7 and many more. Doriana and Roger are proud parents of eighteen-year-old son, Cooper, and fifteen-year-old daughter Paris. Doriana Richman is a woman behind the wheel of her life and career, always navigating with exact precision and control.

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